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Project Support Services                                                                                                 
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 Our diverse experience permits us to function as your administrative, technical or management advisor, or to supplement
 your staff’s capabilities during any phase of a construction project.Our project support services include:


Contract Administration

Contract Management – Devising long term and short term strategies for
effective Contract Management thereby reducing or eliminating potential
for loss of entitlements.
Contractual Correspondance – Prepare standard formats for contractual
notices, reports and correspondance with the Client and the Consultant.
Contractual Databases – Preparation of contractual databases providing
effective management of project drawings, letters, site instructions, minutes
of meetings etc.
Risk Management – Effective control of risks provided under the Contract,
expressly or impliedly.
                                              Mitigation Measures – Advise and implement measures to mitigate
                                              the effects of unforeseen circumstances

Cost management

Cost Planning – Evaluate scope and budget requirements for projects,
and/or phases of projects, which are incorporated into a client’s master program
Estimating – Prepare capital cost estimates during any phase of a project
including:Project Program / Conceptual Design / Schematic Design /
Design Development / Construction Documents
Estimate and Variations Evaluation – Perform independent analyses of
estimates, bid proposals and variation orders, which offer definitive bases for
comparisons, as well as for the reconciliation of differences
Value Engineering – Complete cost studies of alternatives for elements of
project and building systems, which provide the best value to a project, in
terms of function and cost
Life-Cycle Costing – Provide conceptual and preliminary level estimates that
address the budgetary costs for programs and projects, from initial planning
through completion and closeout

Schedule management

Planning – Develop critical path schedules that address phases and define
the scope of projects and/or projects.
Schedule Review/Analysis – Complete a systematic review and independent
evaluation of schedules prepared by others, relative to the overall feasibility
and integrity of the schedules
Progress/Performance Measurement – Update schedule progress for
projects based on reported actual dates, costs, resource usage, and percentage
Resource/Cost Loading – Evaluate and compile budget, cost, and resource
requirements for schedule activities, and prepare estimated cash flows
based on a cost information, loaded schedule
Change Control – Identify and quantify the impact of a pending or approved
change on a project’s baseline schedule
Recovery Schedule Development – Evaluate and present options and solutions
for achieving schedule commitments in behind-schedule situations
Schedule System Development – Develop schedule structures and/or procedures
 that require specific conformance and configuration standards in a multi-user


Construction management

Project Advertising/Bidding – Define scopes of work, prepare bid packages, draft
requests for proposal, pre-qualify bidders, evaluate proposals and assist with bidder
Constructability Review – Perform an independent and thorough analysis of the
design and construction documents to minimize errors and omissions that may
negatively impact the project delivery process
Code Review – Perform an independent evaluation and comparison of the design
documents to ensure that they are in compliance with industry standards
Cost Control – Develop cost account structures, establish budgets, and track and
report actual man-hours and costs against the budget
Schedule Control – Analyze contractor baseline and progress schedule submittals
to ensure compliance with contractual milestones and completion dates. Evaluate
the impacts of proposed and approved changes to a schedule’s critical path
Document Control – Develop and implement a project specific document and file
management system that addresses procedures for routing and maintenance
Quality Control – Inspect and monitor construction workmanship and installed
materials to ensure compliance with the contract documents, as well as with industry
standards and practice
Payment Application Review – Review and verify contractor payment applications
and vendor invoices for completeness and accuracy and make recommendations for
Project Close-Out – Coordinate all aspects relative to finishing and closing out a project including, Operations checkout and startup / Preparation and issuance of
punchlist items / Warranty, manual, and drawing submittals / Financial close-out

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