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Construction Solutions
primary focus construction related services.  The firm's commitment
to you to evaluate your specific needs and provide high-quality, results-oriented, customized
solutions and services in a timely manner and at a cost effective price.

Construction Solutions specializes in the administration and management of domestic and international contracts, including but not limited to, FIDIC, ICE etc. - related claims and
disputes, including their evaluation, preparation, analysis, and resolution.


          Our claims management process is:

  • Performed in phases for better definition and control of scope, time and cost;

  • Systematic to ensure our analyses are thorough, our findings are credible, and our opinions are
    defensible and sustainable

  • Tailored to your specific needs regarding services provided and resources utilized; and

  • Designed to lessen your burden by minimizing the need for your involvement in the process.

    In addition to our claims-related services, Construction Solutions also provides estimating, cost and schedule management, contract administration and construction management support services during the planning, design
    and construction phases of major capital projects throughout the world.


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