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    Claims-related services associated with construction contracts include:

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Claims Prevention Front end tasks to eliminate or minimize the possibility of claims
and disputes arising from construction contracts include:
Review and critique proposal documents and contract documents to eliminate possible ambiguities, inconsistencies, conflicts, errors and omissions
Review and critique project management plans and procedures
Provide information and documentation-tracking procedures
Periodic monitoring of, and feedback on, the management of projects and the
administration of construction contracts/sub-contracts

Claims Evaluation Preliminary evaluation of contractor, subcontractor, and owner
claims for entitlement and monetary value

Claims Preparation Preparation of comprehensive claims for delay, disruption, and/or changed conditions including:
Establish entitlement / Demonstrate cause/effect links / Develop impacted schedule analysis / Evaluate and compile damages / Prepare expert report with supporting graphics

Claims Analysis Detailed analysis of claims including:
Contract/entitlement analyses / Cause/effect analyses / Schedule analyses / Assessment of damages / Expert report preparation

Claims Resolution The successful resolution of claims and disputes involving:
Consultations at the Claims review stage / Negotiation and mediation support / Dispute Review Procedures / Arbitration support / Assistance with document discovery / Preparation of document databases / Graphic preparation / Assistance with interrogatories/depositions /  Expert witness testimonies

                                              the effects of unforeseen circumstances
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